Asset Protection Strategies...Offshore and Onshore Trust Solutions

When Loss of Wealth is Not an Option!

If you were sued today, would you lose everything you own? The asset protection clients of the Law Offices of Robert D. Gillen, Ltd. wouldn't, because they have completed their planning for the protection of their homes, investments, yachts, planes and other important assets from future lawsuits! Our clients realize that the protection of their hard earned assets from lawsuits is of the utmost importance and their top planning priority.

If you are concerned about the possibility of losing the benefits of your years of hard work due to an unexpected lawsuit, then you should contact us today to discuss asset protection trusts and asset protection planning.

Are You At Risk?

You are at risk if you are successful, occupy a nice residence in a good neighborhood, own rental properties, are a business owner, CFO, CEO, physician, retiree, neurosurgeon, architect, engineer, obstetrician or gynecologist, lawyer, accountant or CPA, cardiologist, dentist, home builder, professional athlete, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL player or owner, entertainer, land developer, pilot, financial advisor or money manager, inventor, or worry about losing your hard earned assets.

Don't Delay!

Don't delay in setting up your telephone or in office consultation, because asset protection planning is very time critical and “later” may be too late as fraudulent transfer laws could preclude you from completing your own asset protection planning if just one possible legal claim arises before you complete your asset protection trust.

When protection of your assets and your loved ones from lawsuits, marital claims, creditors and predators is a concern, then call or contact our firm by clicking here.