A Message from Robert D. Gillen, Esq. for Arizona Office Clients

Referral for Clients of The Law Offices of Robert D. Gillen, Ltd.

For clients who have utilized the services of our Scottsdale office, we have made arrangements with Attorney Chris Soto to assume representation of our Arizona clients. Chris is not only an excellent and ethical legal advisor, but he is an extremely competent planner who looks forward to working with clients and ensuring that their legal needs are met. Chris and I have had the pleasure of working together over the past several years on asset protection planning and complex estate planning matters, and I was delighted when Chris graciously agreed to continue providing legal representation to my Arizona clients.

My Arizona office phone number (480) 513-3300 will be answered by Chris’ office, so feel free to give him a call to assist you with your legal matters.  You may also visit Chris’ website at www.sotolawfirm.com  if you would like further information about his firm. To assure continuity, when you contact his office please be sure to indicate that you were previously represented by Bob Gillen.

Absolutely My Last Legal Disclaimer…

We have made these arrangements with Chris Soto of Christopher L. Soto, PLC to ensure continuity of services with an attorney whom we have the utmost confidence in, as well admiration for his legal expertise, highest ethical standards and most importantly, his exceptional treatment of legal matters.  You are, of course, free to select your own legal advisor.

Special Thanks

On a personal note, it is with great pride that I am transitioning from decades of an extremely satisfying professional practice. I thoroughly appreciate the honor and privilege of having had the opportunity to assist families of U.S. Presidents, professional athletes, team owners and managers, neurosurgeons and physicians in all medical fields, Chiefs of Staff of nationally-known hospitals, dentists, CPAs, judges, attorneys, professional traders with seats on various exchanges, titans of industry, commercial and private pilots, business owners, inventors, builders, developers, financial advisors, AKC champion show dog owners and a myriad of other truly fantastic and interesting people. It is truly an honor to call my 35 years’ worth of clients “friends” and I sincerely thank them for their loyalty throughout the years and for their confidence in my law firm.



Robert D. Gillen, Retired